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About Us

Home Garden Network (HGN) is developed in response to common issues most of our families experience--lack of time, lack of knowledge and skills, and/or lack of inspirations to get our edible home garden started. This project thus uses a network of families to develop edible home gardens for one family's home at a time for everyone within the network to enjoy their own fresh green plants. Through gardening activities, families are then growing, learning, and healing together.


How The Program Works

  • A network of 4-6 families is formed.

  • Families take turns to help each other gardening.

  • Garden maintaining meetings for 2-3 times along with training sessions on gardening, food, nutrition, and wellness by UH specialists.

  • Families bring their own home-cooked food to share during meetings.

  • Families germinate seeds for future participating networks.

  • Families engage their children in gardening.

  • Families share produce with friends and families.